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April Newsletter

April 22, 2016 0 Comments

An inside look at what has happened over the farm over the winter and what is yet to come. View this email in your browser

Cottonwood Farm News April 2015 It's FINALLY Spring! There are so many new things popping up on the farm I want to share with you. After a very long hibernation consisting of more than enough ice water breaking and bulky coveralls, the beautiful colors of spring are finally beginning to pop out. I spent my hibernation thinking of ways to improve Cottonwood Farm both for the animals and for you the customer. I can say with confidence that this year is going to be great for both Cottonwood Farm and our local agricultural world. I'd like to give a huge thank you to you, the "eater". Without your continued passion for Cottonwood Farm's meat I would not have settled back in my hometown. Your continued devotion makes the work seem not so much like work but an act of service to you. I'm proud to be the person who raises some of the food you put on your table. Sincerly, Hope

First Friday in Downtown Florence May 1st 5pm-8pm Court Street Market has graciously invited Cottonwood Farm to setup in their beautiful building for first friday. I will have various cuts of frozen chicken.

Turkey Reservations If you are interested in reserving your Thanksgiving bird from Cottonwood Farm I am now taking reservations. 

New Puppy! This winter there was a dramatic decrease in my layer population. They were all caused by predators in one form or another (mainly Mr. Fox that lives up the hill). So, to protect the meat birds and the layers I found a great pyrenees puppy to train up to protect the flock. She is working out beautifully right now up with the older turkeys and layers. She just wants to play! The only problem is I can't think of a name that is fitting for her. Do you have any ideas?

Crockpot Chicken Life is BUSY! The most recent obsession I have in the kitchen is this crockpot chicken. Simply take your whole frozen CWF chicken out of the freezer and put it in your crockpot along with a cup of warm (not hot) water. Place it on low. Come back after your day to delicious moist chicken! It will not over cook this way (within reason). Bonus: You already have a bit of gravy!

Thelma & Louise Over the winter in Janurary I branched out and took the leap into the world of pigs, and I purchaced Thelma and Louise from a wonderful farm in Marshall, NC. They are a Tamworth hog which is a heritage breed considered threatned under the Livestock Conservancy. They are a really nifty breed because they are great foragers and have a leaner bacon meat. Below is a link to to Livestock Conservancy for more information about them.

Livestock Conservancy

Peepers One of my older hens from last year has decided to get "broody". Broody is a word that farmers use to describe a hen that is consistently sitting on her eggs in order hatch them. She has currently been on them for 21 days. In about another week we should have some peepers babies!

Turkey Orders I'm so excited to share with you that this year I am taking turkey reservations for your thanksgiving bird. These will be a combination of Royal Palm, Broad Breasted White, and Broad Breasted Bronze breeds. They will be raised on a combination of my non-gmo feed and pasture. There will be a cost of $25 to assured you will receve a turkey. Reserve Wilber & Spots Spots and Wilber are also a new addition to the farm this winter. They are both Gloucestershire Old Spots. Wilber is my boar so he will be the daddy to all the pork this coming year. He also has a quarter red waddle (also a threatened breed), which is why he has those interesting waddles on his neck. Spots is my big sow. A sow is to a cow and a gilt is to a heifer. Meaning that Spots has had babies before. Spots is a proven great momma and loves belly rubs! I can't wait to see her babies!

Please share Cottonwood Farm with your friends and family. Word of mouth is best shout out!

Chicken The first batch of chickens came in on March 17th from a Hatchery in Clanton, AL. Combined with the Fertrell feed they are doing wonderfully and just this week moved out to pasture. They will be ready for pick up on farm fresh May 21-23rd. After that date they will be frozen.

I have made a cozy little farm store! Next time you stop by for some chicken or eggs it will be a little easier to see all of the selection. Please call me at 256-762-1760 to arrange a pickup.

"We're hosting artisans and farmers as part of First Friday in May. Come and meet our Farmers from Cottonwood Farm, Harvest Roots Farm, and Mothering Herbs as well as local artists. Live Music by Max Russell and the Shakedown Kings."

Court Street Market has graciously invited Cottonwood Farm to come and sell at their beautiful market. Come on out and join us! First Friday at Court Street Market

Eggs The layers that I started from last year have finally started to lay! Unfortunately, just as they did several of them were lost to the local villain of the woods, Mr. Fox. He got at least 10 of them! Hopefully the new puppy will keep them away this coming year. I get a few dozen each week so consider putting Cottonwood Eggs into your omelet next time! Share Tweet Forward Read Later +1 Copyright © 2015 Cottonwood Farm, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you signed up for Cottonwood's email list at of our locations.

Our mailing address is: Cottonwood Farm 755 Locust Lane Tuscumbia, AL 35674

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