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August Newsletter

September 06, 2016 0 Comments

On Farm Turkey Pick up is November 19th  10am - 1pm

This year we are growing a bronze turkey. We decided to start them MUCH later so that they will not be as big as last years birds. Goodness those were ones for the record books. These birds aren't bred to grow as fast either. So, you should be able to fit them into your ovens. Reserve yours today to make sure you have a Cottonwood Farm turkey on your table this Thanksgiving. 


We have a new form on our website that allows you to tell us the cuts and way you would like your half hog processed when you make your reservation. Please understand though that my 1st trade is not web design OR meat processor so there could be some kinks we need to work out. If there are any cuts you want or something you would like, not listed don't hesitate to ask. I might be able to get them. 


We will now be providing deliveries directly to your door! Beginning Friday August 26th we will begin making deliveries. Give your kitchen with the quality meats it deserves!  

The Delivery Days: 
-Florence and surrounding areas- We will be doing home deliveries each Friday between 4PM-6PM. Place your orders by Thursday at midnight. 

-Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, & Sheffield- We will be doing home deliveries each Saturday between 4PM-6PM. Place your orders by Friday at midnight. 

If you aren't going to be home leave a cooler and we will drop it off there. 


I'm so proud to tell you that you can look for Cottonwood Farm pork in two special restaurants downtown. Josh from Odette will be curing and cutting up all sorts of concoctions from a beautiful Tamworth X Old Spot that dressed out at around 300 lbs! Also, June Wildwood Tavern has been selling our Mennonite processed brats. Since word got out about these brats the demand has increased steadily. Thanks for your patronage of these two wonderful local businesses!


I have some good news and bad news to report. Diesel, a tabby tom cat we took in to help control the barn mice has disappeared. A few months back we had a pack of coyotes coming around in the fields where he loved to hunt. I suspect he has gone the way of the butterfly. 
Around that time some kittens were being born into the care of a Mrs. Carol Williamson. She has graciously given us two of these kittens with hopes that they will stay safe and catch plenty of mice. Their names are Sweetie (girl calico) & Sneaky (male who loves to play with shoes). 


I know you have missed hearing about Miss Munchie and her mischievous ways so I wanted to give you a quick update. Unfortunately, all children at some point grow up. My sweet Munchie has been moved into the sows pasture to prepare for her new career as a mommy.  At first the ladies didn't except her and I was worried she would be bullied too much. But now they all cuddle up next to each other as though she has been there forever. For those of you just tuning in I raised this pig from a bottle. She wormed her way into my heart. 
Mrs. Louise, one of my Tamworth ladies, will be on a honeymoon with her new husband for the next month. Of course we look forward to her return. In a few months we will have beautiful full blown Tamworth babies. Mrs. Spots has been relaxing and taking it easy lately. Her most recent brood has flown the nest to be weaned. She is all too happy about that!


We have TWO GRAIN BINS now so chores can go just a little bit faster and we don't have to worry about little mice getting into our valuable feed. We also have a new DELIVERY TRUCK! Brian has generously donated his farm truck from Jackson to mount a freezer on. Our hopes are that we can make deliveries to your home or meet up spots on Fridays & Saturdays.  You can click on the links below to place an order.
We have been working on creating a small FARM STORE for sometime now. Sunday we finally got this building moved to make that happen! There's lots of work to be done on it but once it's through we'll have all our meats and other products available in one clean place! Project farm store is in full swing.

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