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News from Cottonwood Marketplace

February 22, 2023 0 Comments

We have been busy restocking a whole bunch of goodies from grab and go meals, to produce & cheese.  
We have some new flavors of Jeni‘s ice cream as well: Goat Cheese, with Cherries and Watermelon Taffy among others. All from grass fed cows.
We've noticed that a lot of you seem to be coming to us for interesting items to serve at your gatherings. Well we heard YOU! 
We've gotten in some charcuterie from a neat company called Vermont Salumi. Their aged and cured meats have no antibiotics or added hormones…ever.  We've also gotten in some wonderful cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy out of Georgia.
Spring is right around the corner. Have you been thinking about planting a garden this year? We're caring seeds from an awesome company this year called Plant from the Heart. They have organic, OP, and non-GMO seeds in all different varieties of veggies for your garden this year.
Coming Soon

We have been working on some pretty big changes for the store lately. It’s taking a lot of time and commitment to get it up and going. We are so excited to announce what we’ve been working on to you soon.
Once it's all finalized we'll have a BIG reveal!

New Arrivals
We have a new farm we are excited to introduce to you! Hackney Heritage Farm is a small family farm located in Moulton. They raise grass fed South Pole beef and let me tell you it is delicious!
We’ve been working with some other small farmers to gradually dip our toe into providing lamb for you. If you are interested in us getting a package deal together for you let us know.
Brian and I had Covid a few weeks ago. The show must go on though especially on a farm because timing is essential for breeding. 
A little under a year ago Brian and I took an artificial insemination class down at Mississippi State University. Since then we have really been looking forward to using all of our new equipment. We did not anticipate having Covid while doing it though. Nevertheless, we got to use all of our new equipment from the handling shoot to our new semen tank ….yes, you read that right, I said we're excited about a semen tank.
Fingers crossed something took for the three girls we tried! We'll be able to test them here in the next couple weeks to see anything stuck. 
We want to say thank you to YOU for our continued success. We really want to come out strong this spring! If you could try your best to support us when you can, we would truly appreciate it. Let your friends know about us please!
Thank you!
Hope & Brian

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