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Pastured Eggs

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Pastured Eggs - Non-GMO - No Soy

Our ladies produce colorful farm fresh eggs you can feel good about feeding your family. They follow our milk cows in the pasture so that they can scratch through everything getting all the bugs and seeds that might be left behind. They also have free access to a locally blended non-GMO feed with plenty of vitamins & minerals, no soy, no antibiotics and no silly stuff. 
Managing our laying flock this way may sound a little overboard, but we want the best quality eggs for both ourselves and you. 
These make wonderful deviled egg appetizers. Click here for tips to hard boil them.

They are also great for omelets or scrambled eggs. Eggs stored in refrigeration will be good for 6 weeks.
When you place your order online please include where you would like to pick up in the note. 

Pick Up Locations
318 North Court Street