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Bowers Farm

Bowers Farm, located in the rolling hills of Ethridge, Tennessee, is committed to naturally raising healthy, custom-bred livestock through sustainable farming methods.  We humanely raise registered/certified Large Black Hogs, Red Devon Cattle and chicken hens for eggs.  The registered Large Black Hogs are pastured with supplemental Certified non-GMO and soy free feed.  The Red Devon Cattle are completely grass fed and grass finished.  No grains for our cows!  Our small flock of hens among a mix of Black Australorps, Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Brown Leghorns and Ameraucaunas (plus a few homegrown 'mutts') and are truly free range/pastured with non-GMO and soy free supplemental feed as well--they produce a yolk that is what you would expect from a true, free range hen.  All of the livestock at Bowers Farm are free of antibiotics, vaccines, hormones and steroids.  Antibiotics will be given in a life-threatening situation.  The livestock drink on-site potable well water and cistern-ed , filtered rain water.