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Whole Turkey Reservation

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Would you like a turkey raised on pasture and Non-GMO feed on your family's table this Thanksgiving?

This year our turkeys are $7/lb with a deposit of $40. The deposit will be subtracted from your total at checkout. We are hoping for birds between 12-25 lbs, but it's not an exact science. 
What do our customers have to say about our turkeys?

"The BEST! The turkeys are always tender and juicy. The meat is rich and flavorful. I think the bird cooks faster and more evenly than conventional. I also cannot think of a better way to give “Thanks” than to support local farmers. " - Alaina Pettus

Common Questions

How big of a bird do I need to feed my crew?

A general rule of thumb, if you are buying a whole bird, is around 1 pound per guest if you'd like a little leftover and have plenty of sides.

How much will it cost?

The answer varies by the weight of the bird, typically they are under $100. The real question we might ask ourselves though is, "what is the TRUE cost of factory-raised turkey"? I've written an entire detailed blog explaining the answer to this question. CLICK HERE to read Why is Pasture Raised Turkey More Expensive?

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